Simple DIY principles to improve the SEO of your website

Content creation and SEO go hand in hand at Walking Men. Our goal is to make it as easy as possible for people to find the right content through search. SEO is a digital marketing technique, but at its heart it’s about people. A good SEO strategy is about understanding people, how they behave and what they want.

When the algorithm changes again

Three steps to make the right pages visible to the right audience

  • the number of internal links: adding internal links from and to your main pages will make them easier to find by users and by search index robots.
  • the text/HTML ratio: add relevancy to the pages and densify your content with new paragraphs explaining your topic in depth. Be sure to focus on your audience!

Two ways to improve your positioning

Connecting all the dots for a solid SEO strategy on all fronts
  • Page title: is the title too long or too short to be understandable? Is it engaging for my target audience? Is it relevant; does it answer a problem or a need they have? Does it contain a relevant keyword?
  • Meta description: the same questions apply as for the title.
  • H1 and the title structure inside the page: the order and the hierarchy of the titles, as well as their wording, are important. The higher on the page, the better. If possible, try to integrate main or secondary keywords, and develop a storytelling flow.

Good luck!




We’re a digital design agency, a place where strategy, creativity and technology converge. Behind the scenes on: 〰️

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Walking Men

Walking Men

We’re a digital design agency, a place where strategy, creativity and technology converge. Behind the scenes on: 〰️

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