by Martin & Arthur

A few months ago, we created the new website, a simplified accounting platform allowing artists and indie labels in the music industry to manage their royalties.

This is new type of project for Walking Men as it’s smaller than our usual websites, and it’s in…

Is it time to kiss your beloved third-party tracking cookies bye-bye?

At Walking Men, our most recent experience with switching from “all in, implied consent” cookie consent banners to “strictly GDPR-compliant cookie consent” is mainly focused on B2B and Corporate websites. These low-volume, high-value clients clearly aim for a “privacy…

Yes, you counted correctly. 6 fingers for 6 lessons ;)

Hey 👋

Several months ago I was about to graduate and had it all going for me: I was an intern at Walking Men and had no hint of what would happen this year. Clearly, 2020 was very crazy in many ways, but among all the unusual things that I…

Capturing Xelsia’s energetic spirit and translating it into a dynamic, moving brand

When we had our first meeting with Isabel and Sven to discuss the website for their new company, we were greatly impressed by their enthusiasm. And although they had already decided upon a name and an identity for their business, we knew they deserved even better!

Inspired by the dynamic…

The answer to our most frequently asked question

from Katelijne Van Loo, general manager.

Animation of a hand, walking with it’s two fingers in a forever loop
animation by Marianne Cassells

Why “Walking Men”? I have heard this question from almost every person I’ve presented Walking Men to for the first time. But what’s in a name? Company names don’t necessarily need to have a meaning. However, Walking Men does have a nice story behind…

Notre équipe dessinée par Marianne, Art director chez Walking Men.

Récit d’une prise de poste confinée, par Martin De Waegeneer

Quoi de plus stressant que de démarrer sa carrière derrière un écran, avec comme seul contact entre collègues une webcam et un microphone? Me voilà bien loin du contact humain et des discussions autour de la machine à café que je m’étais imaginés en commençant mon nouveau travail. Et en…

Walking Men

We’re a digital design agency, a place where strategy, creativity and technology converge. Behind the scenes on: 〰️

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